Check Out the First Images from Alien: Isolation

By Ryan Turek

Alien video game

Alien video gameThe Alien video game series has certainly had its ups and downs culminating with this year’s much maligned Aliens: Colonial Marines. Interestingly enough, making a direct sequel still seems viable and what’s the next best scenario? How about Ripley’s daughter? Amanda Ripley will be front and center for the new game and Creative Assembly wants to make sure that you feel the horror that the original Alien brought.

Last night, confirmed that screens from this new game have in fact surfaced online via Twitter.

There is a definite creepiness to the imagery and a very Alien feel since this game would take place only a few years after the end of the first film. Both Bioshock and Dishonored have been mentioned in regards to the overall feel and presentation of the new game so that is promising. Stay tuned for more as it comes in. This may be the Alien game we have been waiting for.

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